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Shenington 16/5/04
DESCRIPTION: Fast and flowing with some difficult high speed corners.
AVERAGE LAP TIME (Junior Max.): 45.60
Nick had a busy race weekend with packed grids and the world cup qualifiers racing on a Ideal track conditions and high temperatures should have made for a thrilling weekend of racing. Unfortunately an electrical fault caused problems throughout the weekend making test and setup difficult with inconsistent power.
Heats 10 and 20 were still dogged by a lack of consistent power making a 5th position start in the first heat impossible to maintain, and a shunt spinning Nick off, eventually recovering too a 20th position finish.
Nicks second heat again started without full power but by lap 4 the engine cleared allowing him to challenge and claw back a few places finishing 17th.
The 15 lap final however was much more competitive with the engine problems finally tracked to new but faulty spark plug, allowing maximum power for the first time on the weekend.
A 20th position start was quickly improved to 14th by the end of lap one but a misjudged manoeuvre dropped Nick down to 16th were he had a continuing battle too the flag with kart number 19.
Shenington 21/6/04
Mixed conditions greeted drivers on the Saturday. Nick was confident of a good result on Sunday after he tried a brand new setup for his kart which gained him nearly 3/4 of a second on his pervious times.
In his first heat Nick started 11th and by the third corner had made 4 places but eventually finished 10th.
In heat 2 Nick started on pole position and made a good start holding a strong 4th position withstanding massive pressure from the 5th place kart, which after 4 laps forced nick into a mistake dropping him to eighth which is where he finished.
The third heat was a very different storey, starting from 19th Nick had up 5 positions by the second corner after a pile up at the first corner after avoiding the normal first lap chaos Nick picked up places every lap on his way to a eighth position finish.
In the final Nick was starting an excellent 7th positionand was holding 5th for most of the race but on lap 9 of the 12 the grip on the tyres started to decrease with disastrous results dropping him to fourteenth at the chequered flag.

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